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‘Teresa Gets Married’ RECAP: Melissa Gorga Almost RUINED Teresa and Louie’s Wedding Day ByLeAndra Perry May 24, 2023

‘Teresa Gets Married’ RECAP: Melissa Gorga Almost RUINED Teresa and Louie’s Wedding Day

Welcome to The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s special of Teresa Gets Married

Teresa Giudice and Luis ‘Louie” Ruelas are so excited for their wedding week and provide a recap of their love story. Louie discuss proposing to Teresa in Santorini and how the fireworks were released prematurely, due to the workers not speaking english. With one day until the wedding, Teresa and Louie arrive to their rehearsal dinner ready to celebrate their love. As guests begin to arrive, we meet Louie’s mom and sister, Veronica.

Teresa claims Veronica’s the sister she never had and is honored to have Veronica officiant the ceremony. Dolores Catania and Paul “Paulie” Connell arrive along with Bill and Jennifer Aydin to celebrate their friend. Dolores ask if Teresa’s ready as Dolores explains in her confessional how comforting it is that Teresa found her prince charming. 

In her confessional, Teresa’s disappointed that she had to tell her daughters that Joe and Melissa Gorga weren’t coming to the wedding. A flashback shows Teresa telling her daughters one hour ago. Gabriella Giudice feels Joe could’ve at least called and Teresa never thought in a million years that Joe wouldn’t be there. Louie and Bill are mingling with the fellas as Louie and Teresa name their bridal party. Teresa says she picked people who were there and supported her relationship with Louie and I understand that. Jennifer and Dolores ask Gia Giudice how she feels about Teresa getting married and Gia’s excited. Jennifer ask how Teresa’s “really been” and Gia admits Teresa’s been stressing over the absence of Joe. In her confessional, Gia says she was “like wow” when she found out Joe wasn’t attending the wedding and thinks Joe permanently burned the bridge between them. 

Dolores Catania

Dolores thinks so much as built up over the years and admits it’s been hard for her to watch the kids get affected by the drama. Dolores claims Joe was everything to Gia and believe the two adored each other. Jennifer wants everyone to focus on the positivity as Gia thanks the ladies and excuses herself. Dolores would like Joe to give Teresa away but Jennifer’s alright with there being no “Happy Ending” for these siblings. As guest sit for dinner, we see Louie and Teresa put some money into this thang. The guest applaud Teresa and Louie when they enter, and Teresa says Louie’s mother reminds her of her own mother. 

Gia Giudice

Teresa wishes Louie could’ve met her parents and Teresa believes her parents would be happy she found her soul mate. Louie Sr. gives a speech thanking everyone for coming as Louie explains his dad was an alcoholic growing up. Louie admits to doing a lot of healing with his dad and appreciates the relationship they have now. Louie Sr. says his family is blessed to include Teresa and her daughters; and says when he dies he can go happy knowing that Louie’s taking care of. At the table, Jennifer ask if Dolores is drinking whiskey with her as Jennifer clarifies she doesn’t like whiskey but enjoys the effects of it. Teresa thanks everyone for coming and gets her guest excited for what’s to come. Louie and Teresa kiss to end the night as Louie tells Teresa her boob is pooping out. 

It’s five hours until the wedding and Teresa’s getting glammed up as her MUA wishes Teresa nothing but love and happiness. Teresa considers her MUA her close friends and explain they were there for her when her dad died. Teresa reads a text from her dad’s ex-nurse and explains how close they got while her dad was hospitalized. Teresa and her girls get emotional as she reads the text aloud as her MUA comforts her. Teresa would’ve loved to have her parents walk her down the aisle, but Teresa settled with praying to them that morning to wish her luck. The MUA confirms with Teresa that Joe isn’t coming to the wedding and for some reason the MUA is more upset than Teresa is. Gabriella overhears the conversation and thinks Joe shouldn’t be brought up in conversation since he’s not there.

Gia Giudice

The MUA says it’s a shame that Joe’s not there, but Teresa reassures her it’s fine because her chosen family is there. Decorations are being set up as Louie gets dressed with his dad and groomsmen. Bill ask if Louie’s nervous but Louie’s cool as a cucumber. Jennifer arrives to get ready and grabs Teresa to give her a gift. Jennifer gifts Teresa a necklace of her parents and apologizes for telling Danielle Cabral the cheating rumor about Melissa. Jennifer feels like she played a part in Melissa and Joe not coming but Teresa feels Joe made his own decision while the girls get upset outside. Veronica the MUA confirms Jennifer is discussing Joe and the girls are worried Jennifer’s going to upset Teresa on her special day. Teresa tells Jennifer she’s been carrying a lot and feels like this is the way things were supposed to be. 

Jennifer Aydin

As Jennifer promises not to say anything else and to focus on positive vibes, Gabriella begins crying outside as Teresa and Jennifer wonder what’s going on. Melania begins going off while asking why Gabriella’s crying. Teresa jumps up to see what’s happening as she explains her daughters are protective of her and doesn’t want Joe mentioned due to what he’s caused. Everyone promises not to bring Joe back up, as Louie and his groomsmen begin taking pictures. Louie tells his friends how bless he feels to found Teresa and Louie’s younger brother is happy Teresa meets Louie where he is. Louie’s brother gets emotional as he tells Louie how much he loves him, and the men congratulate Louie.

Teresa’s still working on her hair as she explains that Louie likes to get her hair away from her face. Teresa’s excited to have her hair work around the crown and although her head is heavy, Teresa likes to stand out. Jennifer on the other hand doesn’t think Teresa’s hair should be the main event, although she tells Teresa she looks great. Teresa has over 1,500 pins in her hair and three and a half hours later, Teresa’s hair is finally done. Dolores thinks the hair could be lower but thinks Teresa looks beautiful LOL. The guest begin following in as we see Margaret Joseph, Ashely Darby, Nate, and Danielle Cabral arrive. Danielle’s there for Teresa and Louie only and believes things got out of control at Dolores’s party.

Teresa Giudice

Everything looks beautiful as the guests mingle and Margaret admits Marg Sr. isn’t coming since Teresa didn’t invite Mama Donna.  Margaret’s upset Melissa and Joe aren’t there and thinks they feel betrayed by Teresa. Guests begin to be seated as Teresa’s daughters zip her up as Teresa’s bridesmaids see the final result. It’s ninety-three degrees outside as attendees begin sweating and looking for the shade. As more Bravolebrities arrive, Teresa tells her wedding party she loves them as Teresa heads to the elevator. Music begins playing as Louie wipes sweat away and makes his way down the aisle. Everyone’s taking pictures as Louie can’t believe the day has finally arrived. The bridesmaids look beautiful, and Teresa looks so happy as she’s presented.

Teresa Giudice

Violins play as Teresa prepares to marry the love of her life. Everyone’s crying as Teresa slowly makes her way to LouieMargaret thinks Teresa’s hair is getting bigger and bigger, as she makes her way down the aisle. Danielle and Louie shade Teresa’s hair while admitting it’s what she wanted. Veronica begins the ceremony as the guests swell in happiness as everyone takes their seat. Louie begins his vows and admits he’s been waiting to marry Teresa for a long time. Louie promises to be the man Teresa wants as Teresa proclaims to be the luckiest girl since she found someone who loves shopping as much as she does. Teresa promises to love Louie for a million tomorrows as Veronica instructs the two to hold hands. Louie and Teresa complete their vows and seal their love with a kiss as the crowd erupts.

Teresa Giudice

After the ceremony, the bridal party meet to take pictures as the guests migrate to the reception hall. The housewives begin meeting each other as Danielle fangirls over everyone she sees. Dorinda Medley thinks Teresa looked beautiful as Jennifer Fessler compliments how good Teresa looks. Jackie Goldschneider thinks Louie and Teresa look perfect together as Jenn pokes at Margaret for crying during the ceremony. Margaret reveals she cried because this is Joe’s sister and that everyone’s there, but Melissa and Joe aren’t. Margaret doesn’t feel right dancing the night away without Joe and Melissa, but Jenn doesn’t think that has anything to do with her. Margaret cleans it up and ends the conversation before any damage is done. 

Jennifer mingles as Dolores and Paulie get a drink together. Teresa’s trainer compliments Dolores on her dress while hoping to be invited to Dolores’s wedding next year. Jenn’s obsessed over the macaroni, as the ladies do shots. Louie tries to get a quickie from Teresa in the elevator. Margaret tells Dolores that she plans to leave after Teresa and Louie’s entrance, and Dolores just wants Margaret to keep it under wraps. Meanwhile, the crew gets a text that stops them all in their tracks. The ladies find out that Joe and Melissa are relaxing an hour away from Teresa’s wedding site. Melissa’s Instagram shows her throwing a huge party saying, “This is what a REAL family does,” with another post saying, “Blood doesn’t make you family.” Jennifer doesn’t get why Joe and Melissa are bashing Teresa online, and vow to keep the post away from her. 

Margaret Josephs

Having come across the online posts, Louie swiftly approaches Teresa’s closest confidante, Rosana, to vent and make threats. “If these f***ing people put out one more message on Instagram, I swear to God I’m going to f***ing bury them so bad. Oh my God it’s so f***ing maddening.” He then added that if Joe “puts out one more message,” he’s going to knock him out. Louie then punches a wall while telling Rosana that Teresa’s parents would go crazy if they witnessed this behavior.

Luis Ruelas

Louie tries to keep the drama under wraps, while Teresa comes out in her second look as Louie takes her back to their party. Downstairs, we see a burlesque dancer with next-to-nothing on and the guests are as confused as I am. Teresa wanted a sexy wedding and in total, Teresa spent five-hundred-thousand dollars. The guests take their seats as the wedding party is announced along with Teresa and Louie. 

Teresa Giudice

Margaret and Jen Fessler manage to sneak out without Teresa noticing and the party continues. Guests look on as Teresa and Louie complete their first dance, and many begin crying before turning up. Teresa feels the love from her guests and appreciates everyone coming out to celebrate their union. Teresa mingles with her friends, as attendees begin eating and a man swallows a sword.

Teresa Giudice

Afterwards, Teresa’s daughters give a speech thanking Louie for loving their mother — and being there for them while their father physically lives in the Bahamas. Teresa’s proud of herself and loves that she can showcase what kind of man her daughters deserve. Melania thanks Louie and his sons for being in their lives and the party kicks up before Louie thanks everyone for coming and the newlyweds cut their beautiful cake. Teresa and Louie would love to see their blended family grow and are excited to become grandparents, down the line. The two seal the deal with a kiss and we get a preview of next week’s reunion of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. 

Teresa Gets Married airs on May 23, at 8 pm ET, on Bravo.


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