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‘RHONJ’ RECAP: Teresa Giudice Reveals Melissa Snitched To The FBI, Which Sent Her To Prison ByLeAndra Perry May 31, 2023

‘RHONJ’ RECAP: Teresa Giudice Reveals Melissa Snitched To The FBI, Which Sent Her To Prison

Welcome to part one of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion. After a preview of what’s to come, the ladies make their way to the main stage, which is paying homage to the girls Ireland trip. Andy Cohen has paintings of the women on the wall and the set looks beautiful! Rachel Fuda comes to the couch first with Danielle Cabral and Margaret Josephs right behind. Jennifer Aydin, Dolores Catania, and Teresa Giudice make their way to the couch as Andy’s mesmerized by the ladies looks.

RHONJ Reunion Cast

Melissa Gorga arrived in style as producers encourage the ladies to make a great show! Andy begins as Teresa Giudice gets a call from Joe Giudice, whose inquiring about Bill’s expertise on baggy eyes. Andy takes the phone to chat with Joe and catch up with his former employee. 

We learn Joe has a few girlfriends and admits to not watching the show but believes the ladies did a great job. Joe says his goodbyes as Andy starts the reunion and greets the ladies on the couch. Andy begins with Teresa and compliments her new hair as he moves onto Dolores and checks in on her relationship with Paulie. Andy’s excited to speak with Paul later and compliments Danielle on her dress.

Andy states Danielle’s look is far from “fresh out the hamper,” look and that’s exactly what Danielle was going for LOL. Andy greets Melissa and states he can’t wait to see their new house as Jennife  tries to adjust herself, due to a stiff neck LOL. Jennifer’s wearing blue today to ward off evil spirits and is giving a nod to “The Evil Eye.” 

Andy greets Margaret and wonders if she left her arsenal at home (of course she didn’t) as Andy promises Rachel not to throw any “rat” comments her way. Andy begins with Teresa and before Andy can begin; Teresa begins getting emotional and grabs Andy’s hand in order to feel Teresa’s heartbeat. Teresa’s clearly anxious for what’s to come and I don’t blame her! Andy ask Melissa and Teresa what their goal is for the reunion and Teresa wants to close this chapter in peace. Melissa Gorga agrees and is ready for the truth to come out so everyone can move on. 

Melissa Gorga

Andy checks in on Teresa’s love bubble and Teresa admits the most stressful part of her wedding was arguing with her family (Joe and Melissa). Teresa feels bad because Louie’s family is so wonderful, while Teresa’s family continues hurting Louie. Melissa chimes in and ask how they hurt Louie and Teresa ask if they’re watching the same show. Melissa’s confused since she was subjected to the cheating rumor, but Andy interjects to save this mess for later.

Andy wonders why Dina backed out of Teresa’s wedding and Teresa replies Dina didn’t want to be on camera. Andy acknowledges Dina didn’t have to sign the release form, but Teresa says Dina didn’t want people knowing she was coming. Andy admits on social media it appeared Teresa, Louie, Dina, and her husband were getting close and wonders what happened. 

Teresa Giudice

Teresa claims the friendship is okay while stating Dina’s husband never had business dealings with Louie. An awkward pause falls over the ladies as I’m wondering where the hell that came from? Andy moves onto Melissa and inquiries about the business dispute against Louie. Joe admitted to having a private conversation with Dave (Dina’s husband) off camera and Melissa reprimanded Joe; due to Dave wanting no parts of RHONJ. A fan ask Teresa why she didn’t invite her in-law’s to the wedding and questions whether that’s the Italian way. Teresa states she didn’t want to invite Mama Donna but then not extend an invite to the rest of the family. Teresa admits Mama Donna wasn’t on her mind, which causes Melissa to reply, “ They weren’t on your mind, but they were when you wanted to introduce Louie to family.”

Teresa Giudice

Melissa believes Teresa uses them (Joe and Melissa) when she needs them but dismisses them when she no longer requires them. Teresa claims when Joe Giudice left, that Joe and Melissa never invited Teresa to dinner; in which Melissa denies. Melissa reveals that Teresa went to dinner and even flirted with Melissa’s neighbor, Shane. Teresa admits to hanging with Shane but continues placing blame on Melissa. Melissa says she has proof as producers show us two pictures of the group hanging out. Teresa claims she invited herself to Melissa’s outings and Andy steps in to and admits to running into them and how things appeared to be good between Melissa and Teresa.

Melissa Gorga

Teresa claims she didn’t want to bring Louie onto the show, and it was Joe who initiated Louie’s introduction. Teresa claims it was all about making money and being on the show; but Melissa jumps in to reveal Louie’s the one who wanted to be on the show. Melissa admits Louie knew who Teresa was before he met her and come to find out; Louie’s son told Teresa this! Apparently, Louie wanted to take Alexia out from The Real Housewives of Miami and Teresa calls Melissa a liar. The two go back and forth as Melissa ask Teresa to come up with a new scheme. Teresa says, “That’s why it’s going to be over after tonight” and Melissa ask “Why, where are you going?”; in which Teresa replies “You’re leaving!” Andy’s shocked as Melissa stands her ground. Andy ask Teresa if Melissa leaves, would Melissa be out of Teresa’s life, in which Teresa replies “She’ll be out of my life after tonight.”

Teresa Giudice

It’s about to get real, guys! Melissa states “it’s sad” as Margaret replies “You’ll be okay” as Andy moves onto Teresa’s hair that broke the internet. Margaret admits the ceremony was beautiful as Andy ask why Margaret was crying. Margaret admits it was emotional seeing Teresa walk down the aisle by herself and admits the ceremony was bittersweet. Teresa was touched by Margaret’s emotions and was looking for her after the ceremony. Margaret admits to leaving after seeing the season finale and learning what Teresa did  behind the scenes. Teresa claims she had nothing to do with that as Margaret admits to feeling disgusted as Danielle jumps in for Teresa. Danielle says Teresa had nothing to do with the drama this season as Rachel jumps in, telling Danielle she has nothing to do with it. 

Margaret Josephs

Margaret doesn’t care about Laura but admits to caring about private investigators. Andy says we’ll address that later as he moves on to Dolores and her new love! Andy ask Dolores how Paulie changed her, and Dolores admits Paulie allows her to let her guard down. The ladies admit to seeing a difference in Dolores as a fan ask what Dolores loves so much about Paulie. Dolores replies that she loves Paulie and wants to be included in her life. Another fan ask if Dolores misses how close she used to be with Frank, in which Dolores replies that the dynamics needed to change in order for her relationship with Paulie to work. Andy wonders how Paulie’s different from David and Dolores admits to living separate lives from David. Dolores reveals that Frank and David remain close and continue living together.

Dolores Catania

Andy questions whether the dynamic is normal or not, but Dolores could care less. Andy wonders the difference between moving in with David without a commitment versus moving in with Paulie without a commitment. Dolores states there’s a difference between David and Paulie’s intentions; and Dolores can tell Paulie wants to build a life with her. Andy wonders about the ring Paulie said he had but Dolores thinks Paulie was messing with Frank. LOL. Andy inquiries about Paulie’s divorce and Dolores reveals Paulie isn’t divorced yet! Paulie’s been separated from his wife for fourteen years and now is looking to seal the deal before starting anew with Dolores. Andy and the ladies are taking aback as we now see the flaw in Dolores’s relationship. Andy has the ladies take a break before moving on. 

Danielle’s up next as Andy ask about Valentina’s many boyfriends. Valentina is Danielle’s dream as Andy moves onto the rift between Danielle and her brother. We get a recap of Danielle’s season and how the drama started within the group. Danielle gets emotional as she admits she has plans to see her brother this weekend at their grandmother’s funeral. The ladies offer their condolences as Andy wonders if Danielle reached out to him. Danielle reveals she sent a gift to her niece, but her brother sent it back. Danielle admits her brother loves the show and knows he watched.

A fan wonders if Danielle’s hiding the real reason the two don’t speak and ask whether Danielle could be at fault. Danielle directs her comment to Margaret and wishes Margaret knew something to share with her. Rachel’s over the word “arsenal” as Margaret wishes no harm to Danielle’s family and wishes them the best. Jennifer wonders if Danielle thought Margaret commented her brother in which Margaret denies. Andy brings up the argument between Danielle and Margaret in Ireland and think Margaret’s comment was below the belt. Margaret didn’t want her comment to be that harsh but believes what she said. Teresa says she’s good at forgetting as Melissa calls Teresa, delusional. Margaret believes Danielle turned on her in which Danielle denies as Andy moves onto a question for Melissa.

Margaret Josephs

A fan ask where Melissa’s friendship with Danielle stands now, and Melissa admits to liking Danielle and being excited for a fresh face. This rubs Teresa the wrong way and Teresa says Melissa’s act is a part of her storyline. Melissa says Teresa’s repeating what her fans say as Margaret calls Teresa’s fans “Tree stumps” LOL. Teresa shades Margaret about her looks as I get a good cackle out of this. 

Another fan points out that the ladies didn’t take Danielle seriously and Danielle admits to not wanting to be anything like them. Margaret says she never mocked Danielle and claims she got a ton of endorsements as Jennifer jumps in. Jennifer says she doesn’t need endorsements as Andy focuses on Danielle. Andy was surprised how emotional Danielle is and wonders why Danielle left some of the intense scenes. Danielle replies she was shocked at the way Rachel turned on her and tells Margaret to shut up when she jumps in. Danielle claims Rachel twisted her words as producers show a clip of what happened. 

Rachel Fuda

Andy ask Margaret’s reaction to seeing the scene and Margaret admits the drama was mild in comparison. Jennifer thinks Rachel misrepresented what was said as Dolores disagrees. Danielle says Margaret didn’t let it go as Andy admits it was talked about all season. Melissa says Danielle kept bringing it up as Rachel tells Danielle to take accountability. Rachel and Danielle go back and forth as Rachel tells Danielle not to take her insecurities out on her. Danielle claims her balls drag out the door, in which Rachel replies “Yea, out the door when you leave!” Rachel thinks Danielle’s on a high horse and says Danielle called her a snobby b*** in her confessional.

Danielle doubles down on her comment and calls Rachel “horrible”. Andy enjoyed seeing the newbies together and thinks the drama is dumb. Andy ask Dolores how the two can move on and Dolores thinks the two should let it go. Rachel tells Danielle she’s a great mom and doesn’t think the punishment fits the crime. Rachel wants Danielle to take accountability as Danielle admits to being hurt and her hurt turned to anger. Danielle and Rachel agree to leave the drama behind as Andy gives Dolores props for ending this mess. After the break, Andy focuses on Melissa as Andy congratulates Melissa on the new house. Andy mentions fans coming for their décor and Melissa thinks a lot of work was put into it. John Fuda completed their tiles as Melissa gives props for John’s work. 

A fan questions if Melissa thought Teresa moved due to her family moving in but Melissa claims Teresa moved on the same block. Another fan questions why Teresa brought up Antonia this season as Teresa wishes she never answered Rachel. Teresa feels Rachel set her up as Rachel and Teresa go back and forth. Dolores doesn’t think it was a set up question but thought Rachel would’ve asked Melissa instead. Andy brings up the podcast and how Melissa said kids were off limits, but Melissa claims she never spoke about her nieces. Andy recaps that Melissa said Teresa’s daughters have hate in their heart, but Melissa clears it up saying the girls have hate for her.

Melissa Gorga

Producers show the awkward scenes between her nieces as Melissa wonders why Teresa threw her kids under the bus. Melissa tells Teresa to keep it classy as Teresa disagrees and says she loves Antonia. Andy questions Teresa about the scene between Melissa and Antonia but Teresa believes Melissa was acting for the show. Melissa tells Teresa her kids never talked bad  about her but Teresa blames Melissa for bringing her kids up on the show. Teresa’s still mad about the “food on the table” comment as Melissa and Teresa go back and forth about Joe being on the list to visit Teresa in prison. 

Melissa and Teresa begin arguing as Melissa says all was good when they played their role but now that Teresa has Louie, they’re now pieces of sh**. Teresa says she’s done as a fan brings up the baseball comment Jennifer brought up. Melissa finds Margaret funny, and Margaret clears up the confusion. Margaret thinks Melissa’s hot and believes she can be with any man she wants. Jennifer says Margaret thinks Melissa can do better than Joe and we find out Laura and Jennifer are still friends. Jennifer wonders why Margaret didn’t want Laura on the show in which Andy jumps in to reveal Margaret did try to get Laura on the show. Jennifer says Laura thinks Margaret blocked her from joining the cast and Andy jumps in stating Laura’s story would be interesting, but she didn’t make the cut. 

Teresa Giudice

Teresa jumps in saying that’s what Melissa did but Melissa replies that she’s actually interesting LOL. Teresa tells Melissa her interest was disgusting as Jennifer questions if Melissa contacted Andy to join the show. Andy admits he thought Melissa was cute and Joe was funny, and thought it was neat Melissa and Teresa had matching staircases. Teresa’s not happy with that answer and accuses the show of bringing Melissa and Joe on to start drama.

Teresa tells Melissa her whole storyline was her as Melissa thanks Teresa and gives her a round of applause. Andy’s over it already as Teresa wants to rehash the past and admits Jacqueline told Teresa things about Melissa. Melissa hasn’t seen Jacqueline in ten years and says she doesn’t even know Joe’s ex-partner. Melissa brings up that Teresa thought Caroline put her in jail and Teresa takes it back and now thinks Melissa’s the reason she went to prison! The couch is shocked as it looks like things are about to get a lot worse on this couch. Be sure to come back next week, for part two of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion.


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