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‘RHOA’ RECAP: Mama Joyce Shades ‘Short’ and Broke Todd Tucker, Marlo Flips Out On Drew ByLeAndra Perry May 22, 2023

‘RHOA’ RECAP: Mama Joyce Shades ‘Short’ and Broke Todd Tucker, Marlo Flips Out On Drew 

Welcome back to another episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. We begin with Shereé Whitfield hosting a catered lunch for Sanya Richards-Ross and Marlo Hampton. Chef Jessica’s cooking up some salmon and lobster tails, as Sheree considers popping out more bottles. Sanya and Sheree discuss BravoCon 2022 and how much fun they had with the fans.

Marlo Hampton

Marlo Hampton needs to vent and says after landing in the airport; Marlo began arguing with her nephew William about his homework. Marlo says Miss Sharon’s working on their family and the old Marlo would’ve went off. Sanya loved the fans at BravoCon, but Marlo wants to know if the girls saw what Mama Joyce said.

A flashback shows Mama Joyce at BravoCon, shading Todd Tucker about his height. Sheree’s surprised Mama Joyce still has something to say about Todd and Marlo’s relishing in the fact that Mama Joyce is in the streets talking.

Mama Joyce

Shereé changes topics to the panel at BravoCon and the issues between Sanya and Drew Sidora. Sanya feels that Drew shaded her for no reason, while Sanya thought the two were mending their friendship. Drew said, “Did I give you a hard time, or were you trying to pull a hard time from me?” and that didn’t sit right with Sanya. In her confessional, Sanya says before BravoCon, Drew extended an olive branch; but then at BravoCon Drew flipped the script.

Sanya Richards-Ross

Marlo shades Drew for wearing one glove during the panel as Sheree tells the ladies about her conversation with Kenya Moore at Sheree’s fulfillment center. In her confessional, Sheree says Martel’s nothing like the arrogant a**hole we see on his other show and admits she wouldn’t be attracted to a man like that. 

Sheree Whitfield

Shereé agrees to disagree with Kenya and Marlo reveals she wasn’t too excited about Martel either! However, Marlo’s happy he’s showing up and wants Martel to hook her up with someone. SMH.

Meanwhile, Drew and Ralph Pittman are going on a date to rock climb. Since last year was rocky for the couple, Drew reflects on their progress and wants to maintain their good energy. Drew and Ralph strap up and Ralph seems to be encouraging his wife but Drew falls after she breaks a nail. Drew and Ralph try again with more success this time and decide to chat after the excursion. 

Drew Sidora

Now that Drew’s doing music, she wants to know how Ralph feels now that she won’t be able to attend to the kids one-hundred percent. Ralph says that was always the plan and compares the two to Ike and Tina Turner. *Side Eye!* Drew’s taken aback as Ralph tries to clean it up, but I think the damage is done. Drew thinks Ralph hit his head on a rock and think their Jay-Z and Beyonce instead. Drew tells Ralph that her song is currently streaming at thirty-thousand and Ralph says that’s bad. Ralph feels there wasn’t enough promotion put into the song, but Drew feels Ralph put the song out there and just went back to work. Drew wants to push the song as Ralph looks at her in annoyance. Ralph states he wants to work harder, but he wants to focus on the things he has going on. SMH.

Drew Sidora

Drew’s holding onto the musical connection her and Ralph share but is starting to notice Ralph removing himself from the journey the two planned together. Drew hopes this doesn’t put a wedge between the two as she continues explaining that she would like to perform at BravoCon. Next thing we know, Ralph’s excited to tell Drew about women approaching him at BravoCon, asking him to gaslight them. A clip shows the birds gawking at this man and I am disgusted. Drew laughs it off but it’s clear this is the beginning of the end for them.

Later, Kenya’s going off on her graphic artist due to dimension issues as Kenya’s assistant stands to the side. Kenya knows what she wants, and she isn’t afraid to show it, even if that means cursing at her employees. 

Monyetta Shaw-Carter FaceTime’s Kenya to discuss LaToya’s wedding and teaching the bridesmaids a choreographed dance. Per Kenya, Monyetta’s a great and ask Monyetta to help Kenya at The Music City Classic. Kenya plans to highlight HBCU’s and is collaborating with the band and Kenya Moore Hair Care. Kenya and Monyetta’s excited to work together and I’m excited to see her perform.

Later, Kandi Burruss  meets up with Don Juan to list all of Kandi’s upcoming To-Dos. Kandi writes out a full list of things she must do, and the list is pretty damn long. Kandi’s also has to make room on her plate for Todd’s movie and has already decided not to pay the lead. Instead, Kandi wants to produce but Don Juan wonders if Kandi’s willing to put in the effort to help Todd in the same way Todd helps her. 

Kandi Burruss

Kandi understands but is soon interrupted by Monyetta’s arrival. Monyetta gives Kandi her props for her play The Piano Lesson as Kandi reminisce on the good time they had on the red carpet. Kandi expresses this is a dream come true and enjoys this journey to obtain her EGOT. Monyetta wants to know about BravoCon, but Don Juan wasn’t too happy about the BS going on. Kandi explained her and Mama Joyce participated in the Dynamic Duos panel and a question was asked if Kandi would let Mama Joyce or Don Juan control her money. Kandi answered, since Mama Joyce isn’t too nice to Todd, that she’ll have to let Don Juan control the funds. Don Juan says the next day when Mama Joyce was on her panel, someone asked if Mama Joyce would pick a better man for Kandi. Mama Joyce responds by saying she would at least pick someone with a decent job SMH.


Kandi left BravoCon after that and hasn’t spoken to Mama Joyce since. Kandi explains Todd found out what Mama Joyce said, through his daughter Kayla and called Kandi during her Halloween photoshoot to voice his frustration. Don Juan ask Kandi if she’s ever told Mama Joyce how she feels but we all know the answer to that question. Kandi’s upset because the kids will eventually see that one day but she’s over letting Mama Joyce control her life. Kandi’s tired of the BS and doesn’t care what Mama Joyce thinks about Todd at this point. Kandi admits it to being too much and wants Mama Joyce to respect her husband! 

The next day, Drew, and Ralph prep to host Courtney for lunch so they can get to know each other. Drew’s excited for Cousin Courtney and seems ready to make a good impression. Drew gets a call from Candiace Dillard-Bassett, and we find out the two are really good friends. Candiace tells Drew she’s in Atlanta and wants to invite Drew to sing with her, due to Shamari backing out. Drew excitedly accepts and Ralph is happy for their come up! Drew decides to invite all the girls and screams of excitement after she hangs up with Candiace. Courtney shows up with her baby-daddy Bryce, and we learn they’ve been on and off for the past twenty-years. We learn Drew and Bryce shot a movie together before and Courtney and Bryce share a twenty-four year-old daughter together.

The couples take shots, as Drew tells Courtney about her phone call with Candiace. Courtney’s excited for Drew and excuses herself as Drew calls Kandi to share the news. Drew tells Kandi that they’re celebrating family and puts Courtney on camera, while explaining their new family connection. Kandi could care less and wonders why Drew called her in the first place. Drew acts taken aback and pretends not to know the extent of the drama between Courtney and Kandi. Reading the ques, Drew moves on to tell Kandi about the upcoming show with Candiace and Kandi agrees to come and support. As they hang up, Courtney tells Drew that nothings going on between her and Kandi as they sit to eat. Courtney says she’s coming to Drew’s performance but not if it’s going to make anyone insecure.

Courtney downplayed her role in the drama and blames Sanya for encouraging her to confront Kandi. Drew tells Courtney that Sanya’s a little tricky and that Drew noticed Sanya unfollowed her on Instagram. Drew thinks Sanya’s only her friend in private but in the group has different energy. Looks like their feud is far from over. Later, Marlo’s picking up her jewelry with her nephews William and Michael. The boys discuss their grades as Marlo focuses on keeping them on track. Marlo states she stays on the boys because two years ago she lost her older nephew to gun violence. 

Michael inquires if Miss Sharon’s coming this week and Marlo confirms while asking the boys if they like Miss Sharon. The boys claim they like her, but William admits Marlo has more work to do. Don’t we all honey. After the rain clears, Drew and Courtney head to Candiace’s rehearsal to prepare for Drew’s performance. Drew compliments Candiace on her song and explains in her confessional how much the song resonated with her. Drew says people weren’t supportive of her music career and now she’s in the space to go after what she wants. Drew’s nervous but she’s determined to show up and show out! The next night, we see the crowd flowing inside as we get a peak of Dr. Heavenly Kimes among other ATL celebrities. Kandi, Monyetta, and Kenya arrive first as the rest of the ladies trickle in. 

Sanya arrives frustrated with Drew but determined to keep it cute as Marlo comes in with Kandi on the brain. Marlo thinks Kandi hasn’t forgiven her since the reunion and claims to be okay with that while shading her in her confessional. Sanya ask if the ladies aren’t speaking to Marlo and Kandi admits to keeping her distance. Monyetta’s upset that Marlo played her in Jamaica as Courtney comes in loud as hell. Kandi’s paying Courtney no mind as we find out Sheree’s not coming to see Flop it by Drew SMH. Drew’s ready to do her thing as Candiace takes the stage to perform her segment. After Candiace performs a few songs, she invites Drew to come out for about forty-five seconds. Drew did good, but the ladies were expecting a little bit more to her performance. 

Drew Sidora

Ralph gifts Drew with flowers as he explains how happy he is to support Drew. Drew’s ready to grab a Grammy as Candiace finishes her show and the ladies chat with Chris Bassett. After the show, the ladies go to the back room to chat, and Kenya ask Drew why she had such a small segment. Drew explains since it was Candiace’s show she only came for support and Kenya admits to wanting to see more. Kenya tells Drew that Sanya gave her a standing ovation as Sanya gives Drew her props. Sanya brings up BravoCon and wants to know what’s going on between the two. Sanya calls Drew an actress as Drew explains she thought Sanya unfollowed her after Drew dropped her merch online. Sanya says she unfollowed Drew due to the hair flipping and the two agree to move on, finally. 

Drew and Sanya hug it out, but the nice moment is ruined once Drew asks what she missed. Kandi brings up her issues with Courtney and comments she made about Kandi bringing the ghetto crowd out. Courtney tries to clean it up and say she’s from the hood and that she loves hood people. Kandi isn’t buying it and wonders why Courtney would say that as Kenya tells Courtney her comment was aggressive. Kandi makes it clear that whoever event it was, should be happy that people came out to support them. Kandi has a long range of friends and tells Courtney not to look down on the places she comes from as Courtney begins getting loud while saying Kandi’s triggered. Kandi responds that she’s triggered because Courtney doesn’t know her and states she brings everybody out.

Kandi calls Courtney “ghetto,” as Ralph ask Chris about sex on the tour bus SMH. Sanya brings up Monyetta’s issues with Marlo and Monyetta explains she didn’t appreciate Marlo dissing her, stating that Kandi allowed Monyetta to talk. Monyetta feels that Marlo wasn’t respectful of her, as Kenya smiles from the side. Drew ask Kandi about the incident at Blaze and Kandi says it’s a private matter but that doesn’t stop Marlo from shouting the word “Shooting.” Kandi continues her silence on the case which makes Marlo upset as she threatens to leave. 

Kandi says, “Well let’s talk about the girl you cut in the face” and Marlo admits that happened twenty-three years ago. Drew interrupts the tension by refocusing on her performance as the ladies give her props and head out. Thirty minutes after filming wrapped, a producer catches Marlo and Drew arguing about the shooting at Blaze. Drew tells Marlo she was at Blaze two days before the shooting, and she was genuinely concerned for Kandi. Marlo wants to know why Drew didn’t say “shooting”, but Drew thinks it’s irrelevant since everything was on the news. 

Marlo Hampton

Drew has no disrespect to Marlo’s family but isn’t okay with making a moment out of Kandi’s misfortune. Marlo’s triggered due to the loss of her nephew and tells us her nephew used to work at Kandi’s restaurant. Marlo explains she told Kandi about the loss of her nephew but when cameras were rolling, Kandi pretended not to know anything. From the unaired footage, it shows Marlo explaining the incident to Kandi as if the information was new.  I’m confused. Marlo tells Drew to Google about her nephew as Marlo explodes on Drew and yells “F*** you! My nephew is dead b****!” in Drew’s face and storms out! Drew’s so shocked as Marlo continues screaming outside! Be sure to come back next week to see how this plays out on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. 


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