‘RHOA’ RECAP: Kenya Goes In On ‘Cheater’ Martell, Kandi’s Restaurant Serves “Biscuits or Bullets”

Welcome back to a new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. We’re at Aaron Ross’s 40th Birthday Bash and things just got heated between Kandi Burruss and newbie Courtney Rhodes. Kenya Moore and Monyetta Shaw-Carter is giving Shereé Whitfield the tea on her new love interest, Martell Holt.

Sheree Whitfield

Kenya wants to be a good friend and tell Sheree what happened before anyone else does. Meanwhile, Kandi’s calling Courtney a b*** while Sanya Richards-Ross ushers Courtney away. Marlo Hampton’s listening nearby as Martel joins the ladies to the side and see what the issue is. Sheree’s blaming Kandi’s minions for spreading the gossip as Martel makes excuses once again. 

Courtney Rhodes

Sanya checks on Kandi as Marlo talks crap as her earring falls off in her confessional. Kandi ask Sanya why Courtney would bop in her face like that, and Sanya apologizes before telling Kandi she just met Courtney last week with Sheree. Don Juan thinks that’s why Courtney’s so hostile, because she’s Sheree’s friend. Kandi’s annoyed Sanya didn’t give Kandi a heads up as Don Juan shades Shereé about her incomplete clothes. Ralph Pittman gifts Ross a White Hennessy cigar set, as Sanya fills Sheree in on the drama between Kandi and Courtney. Sheree and Kenya check in on Kandi as Kandi retells the story. Kenya and Monyetta agree that Courtney’s animated when she speaks and Marlo’s busy gambling. 

Sheree Whitfield

Marlo’s amazed she’s the only one behaving as Sanya tries to entertain her guest. Off to the side, Kenya wonders why Courtney’s in their space and tells Sheree that Kandi’s upset. Sheree wants to know what’s wrong, but Kandi doesn’t want to relive it as Sanya showcase a new outfit. Sheree then tells the ladies about Kenya and Monyetta pulling her aside to share the rumors about Martel. Kandi chimes in that Sheree’s always said she would want to know, and Sheree agrees; however, feels the ladies need to have the complete story and receipts to prove it. Sanya leaves to tend to her husband as Kandi ask Sheree how she feels about Martel sliding in Kenya’s DM. Martell Holt comes over to view the DM and begins insulting Kenya by saying she probably answers all her DM’s. Martel begins arguing with Kenya from the side as Kenya pulls up the original message. 

Martell Holt

Martell finally admits to sending the DM, but Kandi doesn’t believe anything Martel says. Kandi and Monyetta say the DM from Martel and knows he probably deleted his end of the message. Martel begins getting upset and ask Kenya why is she even talking about the message if it was ten years ago? Kenya gets activated as Sheree stands between the two as they start going at it. Kenya calls Martel an “a**hole” and that if he cheated on his ex-wife, then he’ll do the same to Sheree. Sheree tries to smile it off while holding Martel back, but Kenya is going for the jugular. Kenya finishes Martel with “Once a cheater, always a cheater you f***ing piece of sh**!” as Martel’s team takes him away. Kenya tells Sheree that Martel has the same personality as her ex Bob and that Martel will eventually talk to Sheree that way.

Kenya Moore

Shereé claims she’ll get Martell straightened out but admits to being upset that Kenya and them are trying to create a narrative about something that happened two years ago. Kandi ‘s doesn’t think it’s that deep as Sheree ask why bring it up as she walks away. Kenya’s ready to go as the party winds down and everyone leaves. Martel tells Sheree that he’s offended and won’t be apologizing because everything he said, he meant!

The next day, Ralph’s in the kitchen creating boutiques with his daughter as Drew Sidora arrives home from her trip in Chicago. Drew hugs her babies as Ralph ask about Drew’s trip. Drew’s going through it with her dad and has a hard time every time she visits Chicago. 

Drew Sidora

Drew’s father has Alzheimer’s disease and currently lives in a nursing home. Drew hates that her dad’s in a wheelchair and doesn’t get to socialize much. Drew had a breakdown in Chicago and explains she played a song that made her dad smile. Drew got extremely emotional and explained how she and her dad always bonded over their love of music. Ralph tells Drew he’s happy that she’s found the strength to release her music but Drew’s nervous. Drew knows she needs to get ready, and Ralph tells Drew that she has the skills to make her singing dreams come true. 

In her confessional, we learn Drew was in a girl group back in the day and has been writing and recording since the age of three. Drew recently released her newest single who was written by Ralph. *Barf*. Drew thinks her and Ralph are in the best place they’ve been in years. *side eye*. Ralph tells Drew about Ross’s party and Drew immediately ask if anyone tried to hit on him. Ralph says no but admits he was fresh and that he met his cousin, Courtney. Drew’s sad she missed out but really wants to know who made Kandi mad. Ralph had to admit Courtney was the one causing issues and Drew says it must run in the family LOL. Later, Sanya meets Kandi for dinner to discuss the party and apologize for bringing messy Courtney in Kandi’s space. 

After pleasantries, both ladies explain how busy they are and order food. Sanya brings up Kandi’s family trip to Disney Land and since no one else responded; Sanya brought her family along. Sanya thought the trip was epic and we find out Kandi and Sanya have been hanging out. Sanya wonders what trip Kandi’s taking next as the food comes out. Kandi doesn’t know and explains she was supposed to relax today but ended up going over a contract and having to do her taxes. Sanya’s excited for Bravo Con and tells Kandi that Ross is ready for the rest of the family to move out. The other day, Ross told Sanya it’s not about them leaving but about their family building and it’s time to be on their own. Sanya admits her mom wants to move back to Florida, but Sanya still wants them to stay. 

Kandi Burruss

Kandi ask what Sanya’s sister wants to do and Sanya admits her sister’s over them LOL. Sanya doesn’t know what’s going to happen from here but it’s clear sis is having a hard time letting go. Sanya ask Kandi what’s going on in her life and Kandi admits to bumping heads with Todd Tucker due to his new dreams. Todd wants Kandi to get behind his project one-hundred percent and Sanya seems to understand where Kandi’s coming from. Sanya ask Kandi if she had a good time at the party and Kandi did for the most part but wasn’t amused by Courtney’s bobble head. Sanya tells Kandi what happened at Sheree’s to give Kandi more clarity on the situation. Sanya shares that Courtney claimed Kandi attended an exclusive club and shared her experience to her Instagram. Courtney then tells Sheree and Courtney that the next week, this exclusive club had a lot of “ghetto people” there. 

Kandi ask what Sanya said when Courtney called her ghetto and Sanya claims she told Courtney that Kandi was her friend, and that Courtney should have a conversation with Kandi. Kandi says, “So you didn’t take up for me?” as a flashback shows Sanya laughing along with Sheree. SMH. Sanya straight lies and Kandi doubts Sanya took up for her, especially since she’s hanging around with Sheree and Marlo. Sanya doesn’t think Courtney called Kandi ghetto and thinks Courtney was referencing Kandi’s followers to being ghetto. Kandi’s tired of these fake classy b****es and so am I! The next day, Marlo’s having her nephew try on some shoes as Drew fixes breakfast before working out. Sanya’s chatting with Ross on FaceTime as they discuss Deuce’s separation anxiety. Sanya wants to practice baby-making and is frustrated that Ross is traveling so much. 

If it’s meant to be, it’ll be. The next day, Kandi and Todd visit their restaurant Blaze as Kandi reviews the décor. In her confessional, Kandi tells us Blaze is located in the urban part of town and after the pandemic things got crazy. Now that it’s time to rebuild, Kandi got a few things she’d like to update. Kandi greets her staff; Phillip as Todd explains he and Phillip tweaked the menu. As Phillip grabs the food, Todd ask Kandi if she’s ready for their upcoming Mexican restaurant. Kandi wants to know why Todd keeps opening all these businesses and Todd explains he’s made half his money in the restaurant industry. Kandi thinks Todd should focus on his writing career, but Todd thinks he can save his money through the restaurants and produce his own move. 

Kandi’s cousin Melvin joins the couple in an arm cast and explains he’s taking things one day at a time as Todd continues talking about the menu. The first set of food comes out and producer Eric had enough of Kandi avoiding the elephant in the room. Kandi and Todd explains they can’t discuss the shooting for legal reasons.

Kandi Burruss

The girls are scared for Kandi, but Shereé doesn’t know if she goes to The Old Lady Gang, if she’s getting “biscuits or bullets.” LOL. Kandi explains her former employee came to work drunk and shot Melvin outside while they were talking. Kandi ask Melvin how he’s feeling, and Melvin puts on a brave face for the cameras. Kandi’s sad that violence happened at her business, but explains it hasn’t stopped people from supporting her. 

Kandi Burruss

Later, Kenya and Brooklyn meet up with Kenya’s friend Akilah and her daughter, Nazaneen to play tennis. Akilah’s husband is in the NFL and Kenya loves Akilah and explains that Brooklyn and Nazaneen are best friends. The girls have fun playing as Kenya and Akilah take a break to chat. Kenya loves how happy their daughters are and appreciates seeing the love Akilah have for her husband. Kenya’s trying to get divorced, but Akilah can tell Kenya’s happy due to a certain gentlemen in her life. Akilah hopes this is it for Kenya but tells her even if it isn’t, there’s plenty of fish in the sea. That evening, Sheree meets Sanya for dinner and tells Sanya all the fun she’s having being a glam-ma. 

Shereé shows off her granddaughter, Mecca and she is beautiful. Sheree wonders what Sanya’s budget for the party was and Sanya admits there was no budget. Sanya thinks it was worth it and begins telling Sheree about dinner with Kandi the other night. Sanya tells Sheree that Kenya claimed Martel DM’d her six months ago. Sheree thinks it was all a set up and doesn’t believe Kenya’s coming from a genuine place. Sanya and Sheree agree that Kenya labels Black men as aggressive and Sheree reveals Martel said, he didn’t care if he tried to f*** Kenya six months ago. Kenya’s discussing the party with Akilah as Kenya explained what happened. Sheree doesn’t want the ladies coming to her with half-a**ed information and now Sheree doesn’t know where she stands with Kenya.

Shereé Whitfield

Kenya thought Sheree would stick up for her, especially since they both come from abusive relationships. Kenya brings up that Sheree looked stupid last year with Tyrone and calls Sheree, “dick-ma-tized”. Later, Drew and Ralph meet up with producer Jay at the studio to record some music. Ralph airdrops Drew’s new song and we hear a snippet of what Drew’s been working on. Jay likes Drew’s song and wonders what convinced Drew to start singing now. Drew admits last year when she sung Sheree “Happy Birthday,” it triggered something within her to revamp her music career. Jay ask Drew what direction she’s going in and Drew wants to write about her marriage and everything’s she’s been through. Drew plan’s to shoot a new music video but Jay wants to know the dynamic between Ralph and Drew.

After hesitating, Drew says the studio is their happy place and they have a connection through music. Jay thinks that’s dope as Ralph nods to the side as Drew tells Jay that music’s her passion. Jay agrees to working with Drew and Ralph plays the piano as Drew sings for Jay. Later, Sheree visits her distribution center to check on her orders for She by Sheree. Sheree currently has two-hundred and seventy three orders but is frustrated the clothes are wrinkled. In her confessional, Sheree reveals she was on cloud nine when her clothes debut but ended up losing a lot of money when her website crashed. Everybody and they mama had something to say, but that’s what happens when you promise us clothes for fourteen years, Sheree.

Drew Sidora

Shereé won’t let the haters stop her as she continues pushing forward. Kenya stops by to check out Sheree’s progress and to chat about the commercial she filmed for Direct TV. Kenya explains she met Dak Prescott but that she’s into her new man Monyetta introduced her to. Kenya shifts the conversation to Sheree’s new boo and Sheree dances around whether they’re exclusive or not. Sheree says they’re dating and switches the conversation to the drama from the other night. Kenya was shocked but Sheree wants to know what happened. Kenya explains Martel DM’d her but after watching his show, Kenya didn’t want to respond to him. 

Kenya Moore

Shereé tells Kenya that Martel felt ambushed, but Kenya doesn’t know Martel and doesn’t want to get to know him. Sheree claims she saw the message and that she already knew this information. Kenya and Sheree go back and forth about who was right and Sheree tells Kenya they have to be careful with their words. Sheree’s applauded at the way Kenya spoke to Martel, but Kenya’s main issue is when Martel claimed Kenya accepts all her DM’s. Sheree pretends not to remember but a flashback shows Sheree smiling. Sheree doesn’t get why Kenya’s triggered and Kenya wants Sheree to hold Martel accountable. Kenya believes she was defending herself, but that Martel was being abusive. Kenya tells Shereé to look at her past and that Sheree doesn’t see the signs in a bad relationship. The two agree to disagree and we can tell this issue is far from over. Be sure to come back next week for a brand-new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.


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