Quad Webb

‘Married To Medicine’ Quad Gets Kicked Out the Group by the OGs!

RECAP: ‘Married To Medicine’ Quad Gets Kicked Out the Group by the OGs!

Welcome back to a new episode of Married to Medicine. The ladies are in Nappa Valley for Toya Bush-Harris’s wine business and Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Quad Webb are going at it. Heavenly’s tired of Quad using her and the entire group. The ladies sit quietly as Heavenly calls Quad a user, as the two begin cursing each other out.

Dr. Heavenly Kimes

Dr. Simone Whitmore tries to quiet the ladies down but it’s hard to wrangle in this wild group of ladies. Heavenly calls Quad a liar as Simone lightens the mood. Heavenly asks Toya if they’re being too loud. Toya says the words are not resonating to Quad and Dr. Jackie Walters speaks up to tell Quad they’re working on evolving the friendship, but Quad missed the point. 

Heavenly Kimes

Jackie says they’re all at a place to confront Quad and asks for changed actions. Quad continues saying she is offering her heart to the ladies with no real emotions behind her word. Toya wonders how the ladies trust Quad now and tells Quad she can’t talk about her husband, before going into Quad accusing Toya of robbing people.

Toya Bush-Harris

Toya tells Quad her family went through torture and Quad says ditto as Heavenly tells Quad to take some accountability. Quad mentions wanting the ladies to be good to her but it’s clear this conversation’s going nowhere. Jackie admits the group is hurt by Quad’s lack of emotional attachment and Quad brings up their relationships are broken, as Lateasha Lunceford sits quietly. 

Quad Webb

Simone brings up Quad conveniently hanging with the ladies when an event comes up and tells Quad making friends is about longevity. Quad reiterates the same thing as she reminisces on the fun times in her confessional. Quad wants to get back to the fun but doesn’t know what happened to the love. Toya’s working on getting back to that forgiving person and tells the ladies how important tomorrow is for her as Simone dismisses the table. Phaedra Parks comments on Quad to Heavenly as Quad takes her makeup off in her room and Toya invites Simone, Jackie, Heavenly, and Phaedra to discuss the dinner. 

Dr. Simone Whitmore

Phaedra doesn’t think the conversation went anywhere and asks what’s the resolution. Toya doesn’t believe Quad’s genuinely supportive of her and Heavenly’s tired of Quad calling her stupid. Heavenly paraphrases Jackie questioning Heavenly’s attachment to Quad while mentioning Quad’s lack of communication. Jackie admits she felt the most distant with Quad after the Sister Circle fiasco and we get a flashback of Quad telling the ladies of Sister Circle that they were her real friends. Jackie likes Quad but doesn’t like her negative traits outweigh her good traits. Phaedra likes Quad but doesn’t want to be the person to bring mess to the party. Simone can be cordial with Quad but asks the ladies if they have anything to offer Quad. Heavenly asks what they’re going to do, and Toya wants to call Quad down and tell her the truth. 

Phaedra tells Toya to call her and Heavenly’s excited to get this sh** over with. Heavenly suggest Toya sits next to Quad but Phaedra and Simone disagree due to Toya’s harsh delivery. Toya calls Quad and Simone tries to backout but Heavenly’s standing on business. Toya asks if Phaedra farted and tells the ladies Quad is on the way. Once Quad arrives and gets seated, Simone thanks Quad for coming as the energy shifts. Simone begins and tells Quad that none of the ladies have an emotional connection to Quad and that things aren’t going to work. Simone asks Quad to leave the trip and Quad’s shocked. Not expecting this, Quad tells the ladies she wanted to show them something different and asks how they can come back from this.

Quad Webb

Quad tells the ladies she thought the resurrection was enough to show them she’s serious, but Simone thinks otherwise. Simone tells Quad the resurrection was an epic failure as Quad wants recognition she’s been hurt. Simone understands but tells Quad she always flips the table back on herself. Jackie chimes in as Quad tells the ladies she wants to remain friends but wants to see how things go moving forward. Heavenly hopes Quad going home will open her eyes and Quad checks in with Phaedra before awkwardly leaving the room. At one in the morning, Quad gets emotional in her confessional. 

Quad Webb

That morning, Quad’s eating breakfast alone while discussing last nights conversation with herself. Quad feels like she was ganged up on but what’s done is done as Quad begins packing to head back home. Quad doesn’t feel heard and can’t believe Heavenly called her a user. Quad continues boosting herself up as we get a flashback of Quad throughout the years as Quad promises the ladies will deal with her when they get home. As Jackie eats breakfast, Heavenly’s meditating outside as Lateasha gives Dr. Gregory Lunceford an update on the drama. Greg tells Lateasha to stay out of it and get headphones as Toya checks in on Eugene and the kids. Toya tells Eugene about last night and although Eugene isn’t happy Quad had to leave; he is happy the group was on the same page. 

Toya’s happy the ladies finally agreed for once and hangs up with Eugene to get ready for the day. Heavenly’s hyping Jackie up as she prepares to speak with Madam Vice President Kamala Harris about Black maternity mortality rates. Jackie wants to get things right and reviews her notes as Dr. Alicia, Phaedra, Heavenly, Simone, and Heavenly meet up with Toya. Toya thanks the ladies for coming while informing them of Quad’s exit from Nappa Valley. Switching topics, Toya gives the ladies the itinerary for the day before heading out for the day. Dr. Jackie’s ready and we get a snippet of her conversation with Kamala Harris as Jackie begins to fangirl before getting to business. 

Jackie wants black women to advocate for themselves and their children, while learning about their rights in the hospital. VP Kamala Harris think the mortality rates are inexcusable and wants to team up with Dr. Jackie to get the word out to support women throughout the US. Good job Dr. Jackie! Simone’s sightseeing and Phaedra’s calories as the ladies head to the vineyard and meet Roberto the Estate Wine Educator. After getting seated, the ladies discuss the drama from last night. Although the night was rough, Toya’s happy she got her feelings off her chest and Simone’s happy the conversations over with. 

Dr. Jackie Walters

Jackie gleefully walks in and begins telling the ladies all about her conversation with Kamala Harris as Toya asks Jackie to be included when she visits the White House. Heavenly says she’s able to act right but Simone questions Heavenly as the food comes out. As the food comes out, Simone wants more rose, but Toya tries to help Simone pair her meat with the right wine. Heavenly has the ladies toast to Lateasha and for once Lateasha’s hopeful Heavenly has changed her ways. Heavenly apologizes to Lateasha and Lateasha quietly accepts as Toya leaves for her meeting and takes Phaedra with her. Toya understands Phaedra knows how to talk to people and who else to stand by you besides a lawyer?

Heavenly Kimes

Toya and Phaedra are introduced to the PR Directors and Toya talks business and the importance of incorporating Black Owned wineries to her list. Luckily, the directors are giving Toya free range to lead the way on her vision and Phaedra’s proud of Toya! Phaedra sees Toya making things happen and gives Toya props on showing the ladies she’s bigger than the name-brands she wears. At the table, Lateasha pulls out some brown liquor for the ladies as Heavenly admits she likes Lateasha in her confessional. Lateasha takes the brown to the head as Simone says “slow down sugar baby” as Heavenly urges Simone to let Lateasha live. Toya’s meeting continues as Phaedra throws out an idea for Toya to tour in order to promote the wine. 

Toya Bush-Harris

“Taste & Toasting with ToyaPhaedra says and the directors like it as they continue brainstorming additional ideas. After the successful meeting, we head back to Atlanta as Greg, Cecil Whitmore, Eugene, Curtis Walters, Damon Kimes, and Dr. Nkemakonam Egolum (Kema for short, Alicia’s husband) meet up for a guys date. Eugene reminisces about the guys meeting up for boxing and of course Eugene suggest boxing be the first game. The fellas settle on baseball and Curtis mentions seeing better days as the fellas begin showing their age. 

Curtis Walters

Eugene asks Kema how he’s doing with Alicia being in California and Kema admits this is his first time being alone with the kids. Two days earlier, we see Alicia prepping Kema as she preps for the trip as Kema tells the fellas about his two kids. Damon was at home with the baby quick and in their confessional; Heavenly and Damon reminisce on beginning their family and how fun it was for Damon to spend time with the kids. Toya and Eugene experienced the same thing and now Kema has a new appreciation for his wife. Cecil and Simone tell us about Simone volunteering herself to babysit other people’s kids when she first had Miles. Simone was on-call at the time and sometimes Cecil would get stuck with multiple kids. 

Dr. Alicia Egolum husband

Eugene asks if the fellas talked to the women and Eugene tells the ladies about the conversation with Quad. Eugene tells the fells the ladies didn’t feel what Quad was saying and asked her to leave. Curtis is surprised their friendship is terminated and Cecil’s disappointed Quad and Simone weren’t able to come back together. Gregory clarified what happened and is happy in his confessional that Quad’s gone. Curtis wonders if they can come back from this and Greg admits he doesn’t want Quad and Lateasha in the same room, because he can’t handle it.

Greg Lunceford

Curtis sees no issue and Damon lightens the mood as Eugene admits he likes a little gossip, but the women take it overboard. In Nappa Valley, the ladies arrive at dinner at Brown and have the whole restaurant to themselves. The staff layout the menu and everything looks beautiful as Toya tells the group she put this on her vision board a few years ago. The ladies praise manifestation as Simone preaches doing what makes you happy and everything else will fall in line. Simone wants to focus on working on her marriage this year and realized most of their arguments are petting. Heavenly admits she sometimes says things she shouldn’t, and Phaedra says “No sh** Sherlock” in her confessional. 

Heavenly Kimes

Dr. Alicia brings up the different ways she and her husband grew up and tells the ladies she’s used to being independent. Alicia likes to do the hard stuff and admits she told Kema he wasn’t a man because he couldn’t fix things. Simone clarifies Alicia would take back what she said, and Simone begins questioning Alicia’s submissiveness to Kema. Simone notices Alicia’s quiet around Kema but around the ladies she’s more vocal. Jackie encourages Alicia to watch her words as Simone mentions it takes years to adjust. Lateasha speaks up and calls Greg a problem-solver but that when their arguing, he doesn’t listen because he wants to fix everything. 

Dr. Alicia Egolum

Simone tells Lateasha that men and women are wired differently and that they’re never going to think the same. The sooner she realize that that the better and the table begins to laugh as Toya questions Phaedra about Dr. O’s whereabouts. Phaedra reveals she and Dr. O broke up but not to fret because she has a new doctor in her life! The table laughs as we get a sneak peek of what’s to come this season on Married to Medicine! Be sure to come back next week as we see what else these ladies have in store for us.