Welcome back to a new episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac! The ladies are in Miami relaxing before dinner, and Mia Thornton is getting all in Dr. Wendy Osefo’s business with Peter Thomas. Mia wanted special treatment at Bar One, and instead got an extra dose of tea! Peter tells Mia he’ll tell her more later as Gizelle Bryant, Robyn Dixon, and Ashley Darby are chatting; and we find out that an ex of Ashley’s is trying to get reacquainted with her. 

Ashley Darby

Robyn asks Ashley about her potential house and Ashley tells the green-eyed bandits that the realtor accepted her offer but the tenants can’t move by the date Ashley wants. Ashley also tells the ladies that Michael Darby is becoming more difficult, and Robyn thinks Michael didn’t believe Ashley would really go through with the divorce. Gizelle and Robyn try to warn Ashley that Michael is only going to get worse before it gets better, and Ashley tells us about Michael’s petty ways in her confessional. The conversation gets interrupted by the toilet flushing upstairs, and we find out that the green-eyed bandits have a nosey pipe in their room. Meanwhile, Wendy’s checking on Candiace Dillard-Bassett’s ETA and Mia’s yelling at Jacqueline Blake.

Mia loves Jacqueline but apparently hates when Jacqueline asks for anything over six times, lol. Mia and Jacqueline continue bickering back and forth. Charrisse Jackson-Jordan failed at getting a hotel and the ladies are getting ready for dinner. Karen Huger chats with Wendy and Wendy’s ready to celebrate Karen for her birthday, and Karen wants to engage with her friends. Karen reiterates that Wendy knows that Karen and Charrisse haven’t been friends for over five years. Karen agreed to do lunch with Charrisse but not in their current environment. Karen would rather walk with Charrisse around Starbucks and Karen thinks their bridge has burned down. Karen’s over it and believes others may make it a bigger issue to deflect from themselves. Ashley’s making a Tik-Tok on the rooftop and Gizelle says she’s not mad at Ashley’s thirst traps. 

Jacqueline Blake

Mia talks trash about Jacqueline to Ashley and Gizelle outside before Gizelle switches topics for dinner that evening. After Mia tells the girls where they’re going, Ashley wonders if Wendy knows they’re going to Bar One. Mia spills the tea about the issues between Peter and Wendy, and Gizelle chimes in, discussing how Wendy is not a good businesswoman. Ashley admits that it sounds fishy and the girls laugh at Wendy’s expense before collecting the ladies for dinner. Two hours later, we get a quick glimpse of the drama that’s to come. The ladies meet in the kitchen as Mia fixes everyone a shot. Mia comments about a frog having a watertight butthole and everyone’s just as lost as I am. The ladies take a boomerang and head out to eat. Charrisse and Ashley decided to go commando and Mia’s happy about Charrisse coming. 

Karen’s open to talking to Charrisse, and before Mia can give her opinion, Jacqueline jumps in and Mia tells her to shut up. After Mia dismisses her best friend, she tells Karen that Charrisse was being theatrical while trying to find a hotel. In the other car, Robyn discusses topics from their podcast and Charrisse admits that she never pooped in front of her ex-husband. Robyn still walks around naked in front of her kids and Gizelle doesn’t like that. Ashley admits that she does the same thing but to each their own.

Charrisse Jackson-Jordan

As the ladies arrive at Bar One, the ladies get seated as Mia makes her best friend look like an alcoholic. Gizelle asks whether Mia’s been to Bar One before and, of course, she has. The waiter takes their order and Robyn asks when Candiace is arriving before talking about the issues between Candiace and Ashley. Robyn thinks the ladies now have a big problem and Ashley thinks Candiace has a chip on her shoulder. Ashley asks the table about hearing that Chris Bassett allegedly touched someone’s butt at the Spring Party. Gizelle clarifies what she thought Ashley said and Ashley said that Chris leaned in on the bar but there was no touching. The ladies order food as Ashley is texting Michael. Gizelle’s happy that Karen and Charrisse are talking, and Gizelle wants to know if they’ve talked since. Charrisse mentions what Wendy said and Wendy went behind Karen’s back to have a conversation with Charrisse! At the table, Wendy accuses Charrisse of deflecting since her issues have everything to do with Karen instead of Wendy. 

Wendy and Charrisse go back and forth before Wendy asks Charrisse if she’s scared of Karen. Before Charrisse can answer, Mia chimes in, and Wendy busts Mia out about comments she made in the car. Mia claims she didn’t say that, and Robyn tells Mia not to let Wendy twist her words. Mia admitted that Charrisse was theatrical when it came to her room and Robyn jumps in to confirm that Charrisse had no bathroom. Charrisse thought she was calm as Mia reenacts Charrisse’s temper tantrum. The table laughs at Mia telling the table Charrisse asked Karen to lunch, but Karen never responded.

Karen Huger

Karen directs her attention to Charrisse and Charrisse explains she wanted to know what Karen’s issue was with Charrisse. Karen thinks the two have grown apart and Charrisse doesn’t know what the issue is. Karen says she moved on five years ago and wants to know why Charrisse wants to discuss things now. Karen says grace before singing herself “Happy Birthday” as she dismisses Charrisse. Peter arrives and greets the ladies at the table. They all have small talk before Wendy asks about a Nigerian dish on the menu. Ashley asks Mia whether Peter was joking about Wendy and Mia gets up to find Peter to clarify. Gizelle tries to get Karen to open up about Charrisse again and Karen starts singing to deflect. 

Mia and Charrisse take this time to get the tea on Peter and Wendy’s issues. Peter tells Mia and Charrisse that Wendy blew him off when it came down to making business arrangements. Charrisse, all of a sudden, is interested in opening a champagne lounge and Mia also pitches herself to Peter. Peter’s also upset that Wendy didn’t give him a heads up before coming to “his” city. Mia throws Wendy under the bus by claiming that Mia will put her money on Charrisse, and Mia tells Peter not to waste his time on Wendy before rejoining the table. At the table, Ashley and Jacqueline discuss her and Mia’s friendship and how bossy Mia is. Once Mia joins the rest of the ladies at the table, the women want to know what’s going on. Gizelle wants to know what the big conversation was. 

As Mia side-eyes Wendy, Gizelle catches it as Mia continues with her shade-fest. Mia tells the ladies about the FaceTime she had with Peter and all about Wendy not following up on her business plans. Wendy’s pissed as Mia tries to make her look bad; and before we know it, it’s on! Mia claims that Peter is her family and Wendy seems flustered in her confessional as she pulls up receipts from a text conversation between Wendy and Peter. Wendy states that Peter owes her some documents and Mia wants to know why Wendy didn’t be a good mentee and give Peter a heads-up that she was coming into town. Wendy doesn’t give any man a heads up besides Eddie Osefo, and Wendy takes up for herself against Mia. Wendy throws her degrees in Mia’s face and Wendy doesn’t want Mia to tell her what to do. Mia’s confused as she throws a drink across Wendy’s lap. Mia tells Wendy to get up, and as security comes in, Wendy stands up to put her finger in Mia’s face. 

Robyn is recording evidence against Wendy as Wendy throws insults at Mia. Karen’s upset because it’s her birthday and this ish is crazy! Wendy continues cursing Mia out as Robyn tells Wendy she’s being antagonistic. Wendy accuses Mia of sleeping with Peter and Gizelle doesn’t like that, LOL. Wendy calls Mia a “crater face b*tch” as Mia tries walking up on Wendy. Wendy comes back to the table and Gizelle wonders how the drink missed Karen. Karen claims God loves her, and the producers are petty with their edits. Jacqueline’s trying to calm Mia down as they return to fight some more. Robyn continues telling Wendy how wrong she is as Mia and Jacqueline return. Mia’s upset Wendy talked about Gordon and Karen thinks both women are wrong. Karen doesn’t think two wrongs don’t make it right and Gizelle jumps on Karen to take a stand. Mia begins putting her finger in Wendy’s face, and before we know it, security is dragging Wendy away. 

Mia Thornton

Wendy sits back down, and Karen asks to move out of the way, claiming she’s injured. Jacqueline wonders what happened and Mia claims that Wendy is insecure as Wendy calls Mia “crater face” again, LOL. Wendy and Mia go back and forth again as Wendy tells Mia to shut up, once again. Wendy asks Mia if she wants to throw another drink and the food finally arrives. They’re still arguing as dinner is served. Wendy tells Mia that she’s an embarrassment and Mia gets up to try and hit Wendy with her purse. Missing, Wendy continues talking smack as security takes Mia away. The table tells Wendy to let it go and Robyn tells Wendy to stop antagonizing Mia. Mia calls Gordon Thornton crying as she asks for a flight outta there. Wendy’s still very upset and Robyn stands up as she yells that Wendy is the winner and is right all the time. 

Robyn checks on Mia as she hangs up with Gordon. Mia’s upset her nails are broken as Robyn tries to convince Mia to stay. Gizelle joins her bestie as they beg Mia to stay. Mia gets a band-aide as Robyn takes Mia’s side. Mia claims she’s embarrassed and Gizelle goes to collect Mia’s belongings. Ashley and Karen are good at the table as Mia tells Gordon what happened. Jacqueline helps explain the story as Wendy reinvents what happened. Wendy claimed that she said Mia and her husband sleep around, but the rumors are out there. Ashley doesn’t like the physicality and Mia continues being the victim to Gordon. Gizelle tells the table that Mia isn’t okay, and Wendy gets up and says Gizelle is a hypocrite. Wendy doesn’t want to hear “Mia sympathizers” and makes a comment about Gizelle being against Monique Samuels in Season 5, but she is okay with Mia getting violent. Wendy walks away and we get the dreadful “To Be Continued.” Be sure to come back next week, for an all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac! 


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