Annamarie Wiley

Annemarie Wiley Gets Called Out By Crystal After Pretending to be a Doctor!

‘RHOBH’ RECAP: Annemarie Wiley Gets Called Out By Crystal After Pretending to be a Doctor!

Welcome back for a new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The city is beaming as Sutton Strake contacts her assistance Avi, while her other assistance holds the phone. Erika Jayne’s at rehearsal for her Vegas Residency as Dorit Kemsley calls her daughter Pheonix “sassy.” Garcelle Beauvais is at the spa as Sutton cuts roses from her garden as Kyle Richards rolls up. After taking a sniff of Sutton’s roses, Sutton explains that she talks with her plants to keep them healthy. After going inside and getting water, Kyle compliments how organize Sutton’s cafeteria is and shades Sutton in her confessional. Kyle understands why Sutton doesn’t eat as much and Sutton wishes she would’ve stocked her fridge since Kyle’s meddling through it. 

Kyle Richards

Sutton checks in on Kyle after her successful event and asks where Mauricio Umansky was. Kyle responds that Mauricio was out of town but Sutton’s not believing the excuses. In Sutton’s confessional, she says Mauricio had no excuse not to be there unless he was “dead in a ditch” and that he should’ve been there for Kyle and her “dead best friend.” Kyle continues explaining where Mauricio is and that he’ll be home for Dorit’s Homeless Not Toothless Charity. Kyle and Sutton laugh about Dorit’s charity name before Sutton gives Kyle the details of Annamarie Wiley coming for her. 

Sutton Stracke

Kyle brings up Sutton licking Annamarie’s armpit recently, but Sutton doesn’t care and wants Annamarie to leave her small esophagus alone. Kyle acts dumb and laughs while reflecting on Sutton’s strange antics throughout the years. Kyle thinks Sutton has met her match as she tells Sutton “they’ll figure it out” before moving on to the next topic. Sutton shows Kyle the house in Barcelona that that the ladies will be staying at and Sutton’s excited to take this trip to have fun. Sutton shows Kyle the options but now Sutton doesn’t know if she wants to invite Annamarie. Sutton believes Annamarie owes her an apology and Kyle says nothing as she listens on. 

Meanwhile, Crystal Minkoff’s home with her dog and FaceTime’s Garcelle to chat about Kyle’s event. Both Crystal and Garcelle were moved by Kyle’s event and discuss how Crystal reached out to Kyle afterwards. Crystal brings up Annamarie and how she may have forgotten where the ladies were. Garcelle laughs as she confirms Annamarie was committed to trashing Sutton as producers give us a quick flashback. Crystal wants to know what’s Annamarie’s purpose and believes she wanted to shame Sutton. Garcelle knows that Annamarie’s in the medical field but wants Annamarie to lay off of Sutton. Crystal tells Garcelle that when she met Annamarie at Christmas, she told her she was a doctor and not a nurse. 

Garcelle seems shocked as Crystal reiterates her first time meeting Annamarie and admits to wondering what else the newbie could be lying about. Crystal admits she Googled “small esophagus,” and validated Sutton’s diagnosis is real. Crystal believes Sutton and now questions Annamarie’s intensity in trying to “out” Sutton. Crystal wants Annamarie to give it a rest and something tells me Crystal’s about to become activated. Later, Dorit and PK are at The Beverly Hills Hotel to walk through the upcoming charity event. Dorit reminisce on when she first told the ladies as Dorit tells the planners she wants more attention on the event, instead of the name. 

Dorit’s also worried about security, but PK ensures Dorit her team has everything under control and to trust that he will be there. In Dorit’s confessional, she praises the therapy session she and PK attended, while appreciating the effort PK’s beginning to put in. As PK helps Dorit make sure the event is a success, Dorit acknowledges how present and considerate PK is being. Dorit is expecting four hundred guest, along with A-listers like Paula Abdul, among others. PK’s also working on a surprise for Dorit but before Dorit can asks any questions; the pair meets the directors of the hotel. PK continues sharing his input as Dorit lets the venue know what she wants for her special event. 

Paul Kemsley

Later, Crystal meets her brother Jeff for lunch to check in on his trip from China. After small talk, Jeff gifts Crystal a bracelet and Crystal lets Jeff know about Sutton licking Kyle’s toes. Jeff wants to know what the ladies are doing and order food before diving into deeper topics. Jeff tells Crystal about his trip and that he was able to get everything off his chest with his ex, Vivi. Jeff’s wounded by what happened but no longer blames anyone for their breakup. However, Vivi did admit that she never felt fully accepted by Crystal or their mom. Crystal knows she and their mom was hard on Vivi, but continues making excuses for pushing her brother’s love away. 

Crystal Kung Minkoff's brother

After food arrives, Crystal admits she wanted to be protective but now she knows she overstepped. Crystal tells Jeff that Vivi doesn’t understand their relationship due to Vivi being an only child, but Jeff understands having a woman in his life will be problematic either way. Jeff tells Crystal that once he finds the one, that she and their mother will have to respect it. Crystal knows its time to take a back seat but it’s clear she’s struggling with Jeff’s boundaries. Crystal admits she struggled when she met Rob Minkoff, because of the closeness she shares with her family. 

Crystal Kung Minkoff

Jeff plans to spend more time in Asia and wants to relocate there for half of the year. Crystal wonders if Jeff is leaving because she pushed him too far, but Jeff assures Crystal that he wants to take control of his life. Crystal has to accept what Jeff wants and understands if she doesn’t, she may lose Jeff for good. Jeff tells Crystal she did a great job as a sister but that her work is now complete and to trust his judgement. Later, Dorit and PK are getting dressed for the charity event and Dorit loves PK’s stylish look. Dorit does her weekly photoshoot on the balcony as Crystal reviews Rob’s event as she gets ready. Garcelle’s getting glammed while laughing at Dorit’s charity name as Sutton does the same thing with her MUA.

Kyle and Mauricio are ready to hit the road but acting awkward with no kids in the house. Mauricio double checks the name of Dorit’s charity before asking Kyle to fill him in on Lorene’s Celebration of Life Event. Kyle gives Mauricio the bare minimum as Kyle makes sure none of the other fellas went. Mauricio comments on traveling so much and Kyle’s filing her nails as she tells Mauricio she’s going to Spain next week. Kyle wants to give Mauricio a taste of his own medicine and doesn’t care that she didn’t give her husband a heads up. Kyle fills Mauricio in on her travel plans and Mauricio says “amazing” while turning to face the window.

Dorit and PK are ready for the event and are amazed at the décor in the ballroom. Guest begin to arrive and the ladies look gorgeous as they begin to hit the red carpet. Erika’s looking for everyone as she has a drink while her dentist hits on her. Erika walks away as Annamarie and her husband Marcellus Wiley arrive with Kyle and Mauricio not too far behind. Mauricio tries joking with Marcellus, but Kyle begins getting irritated, and asks Mauricio if he has weed or alcohol in his drink. Mauricio answers but Kyle’s over her husband already. Sutton arrives as Annamarie and Marcellus greet PK as Kyle and Mauricio hit the red carpet. 

Kyle Richards

Kyle feels uneasy as she explains people have begun whispering and staring at her and Mauricio at these events. Mauricio allows Kyle to take pictures by herself as Sutton joins Crystal, Garcelle, and Erika at a table. Crystal checks in on Sutton and her small esophagus as we get a flashback of Sutton, Erika, and Garcelle at dinner. Sutton’s on it as she tells the girls that Annamarie better watch out coming for her, as Annamarie lurks on in the background. Sutton waves Annamarie over as Garcelle says “Oh God” under her breath. Annamarie introduces Marcellus to the ladies and sends him off before diving into the drama. 

Sutton Stracke

Sutton tells Annamarie she picked the wrong person and Annamarie tries to explain something as Sutton begins getting activated. Annamarie tells Sutton not to yell before calling Sutton a liar again. Erika ask what has Sutton lied about and Annamarie points out that Sutton lied about her doctor giving Sutton permission to drink. Sutton says, “Why does it matter?” and “Are you my doctor?” as Annamarie says “It doesn’t matter, I’m board certified” as Kyle walks up. Kyle hugs Erika as Annamarie shuts it down as the men watch from the side. Sutton explains she see’s her doctor and hasn’t lied but Annamarie backpedals as Crystal jumps in to Sutton’s defense. A flashback shows Annamarie calling Sutton a liar and now it’s Crystal verses Sutton. 

Annamarie Wiley

Annamarie begins raising her voice as Crystal and Garcelle jump to Sutton’s defense, as Annamarie tells the girls that Crystal accused Sutton of having an eating disorder. Crystal’s shocked and says, “Are you out of your mind?” as Garcelle begins saying “Oh no, no, no” as guest begin staring at the spectacle. Sutton tells Annamarie it’s inappropriate to discuss her diagnosis and Crystal lets Annamarie know she discussed Sutton for so long that she and Garcelle walked away. A flashback shows a time lapse of Annamarie talking about Sutton and it’s clear Annamarie has a target for Sutton. 

Crystal Kung Minkoff

Annamarie’s talking a mile a minute and tells Crystal if she went to medical school, she would understand. Crystal fires back with “Did you go to medical school?” before blasting Annamarie about introducing herself as a doctor when they first met. Annamarie says Crystal’s downplaying her position and Crystal calls Annamarie a “b****.” Annamarie claims Crystal told the ladies she wanted to go to medical school and a flashback shows Crystal sharing that on the sprinter van. Annamarie thinks Crystal resents her due to her accomplishments and tells us Crystal didn’t go to medical school because Rob wouldn’t have waited for her.

Annamarie Wiley

Sutton tells Annamarie she owes her an apology and without hesitation Annamarie apologies. Annamarie claims she was “concerned” as the rest of the ladies roll their eyes. Sutton will take Annamarie’s non-apology, apology while putting a pen in it for now and going to get some food. Kyle compliments Dorit’s dress and fills Dorit in on the drama that just took place. Garcelle walks up to join the ladies as well and Kyle’s surprised Crystal finally found her voice. Dorit’s disappointed that the ladies weren’t on their best behavior but soon the ladies get distracted by bidding on Dorit’s fabulous items. 

Annamarie Wiley

Dorit separates Sutton from Annamarie and double checks the seating arrangement as Erika takes a picture with Pink Lady. Garcelle joins the ladies in pink at the last minute as the guest are instructed to take their seat in the main ballroom. Crystal greets Rob as Garcelle hugs Paula Abdul as Mauricio tries to joke with Sutton about her esophagus. Sutton questions why Mauricio can show up at the Gala but not for Kyle’s event but puts her thoughts on pause as Dorit takes the stage. Dorit looks amazing as she explains her charity and how important it is to support, while introducing Paula Adbul. 

Taylore Dayne performs and the ladies enjoy the night. After the performance, the ladies sit down to chat and Sutton lets the ladies know their upcoming trip is about friendship. Sutton wants the ladies to put their issues aside and Garcelle asks Sutton what she’d like the ladies to do. Getting emotional, Sutton tells Annamarie they had a good time, but she didn’t like Annamarie talking about her behind her back. Annamarie rudely dismisses Sutton as Dorit encourages the ladies to go home and discuss this later. The next day, Erika’s trying on sunglasses as Dorit gets Phoenix to help pack. 

Kyle’s taking her bags upstairs as the dogs follow and Kyle runs into a pair of Morgan Wade’s shoes. Kyle calls Sutton while she’s at the grocery store to check on the vibe for Spain. Sutton warns Kyle against wearing heels before giving Kyle instructions to let Annamarie know not to talk at the ladies. Kyle calls Annamarie to fix things and now that Annamarie’s cooled off, she now feels horrible for her actions. Erika’s chatting with Crystal about calling Annamarie a “b****” and Crystal admits that Annamarie was driving her crazy. Erika’s glad the drama wasn’t about her as Garcelle questions Annamarie’s obsession with Sutton. Kyle encourages Annamarie to fix things with Sutton as Annamarie tells Kyle she has no intention of talking to Crystal. 

Now Annamarie believes Crystal owes her an apology and Erika will referee between the two. Kyle wants to make a pack not to discuss their issues on the plane, to make sure they don’t get kicked off. Annamarie tells Kyle she’ll make peace with Sutton and hangs up to call Sutton. Sutton’s eating but picks up as Annamarie apologizes to Sutton for her part in their issues. Sutton thinks Annamarie had the only part in their issues and Annamarie apologizes for upsetting Sutton and talking behind her back. Sutton tells Annamarie she’s not off the hook but that she’s looking forward to hanging out in Spain. Annamarie promises to keep the peace and Sutton thanks Annamarie for calling before hanging up. Twenty-four hours later, the ladies are in Spain ready to have a great time. We get a brief peek into their beautiful trip, but we’ll have to wait until next time on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.